Saturday, April 12, 2008

Glamorgan Bakery - Whole Wheat Cheese Buns

cheese bun on plate
This is a whole wheat cheese bun. I've finally found one! I love any kind of cheese + bread combination but try to avoid all the white bread.

This one was discovered at the Glamorgan Bakery. We'd been told they had good sausage rolls and cheese buns and decided to check them out this weekend. The cheese buns did look good, and exceptionally cheesy. I didn't spot the brown ones on display, but they had a sign up so I knew to ask.

For me, about half of one of these is enough. They're really packed with cheese, both inside the bun and on top, so it tears apart in cheesy layers. I did find them a little salty for my taste, but still something I'll buy again. I don't eat a lot of salt so I find I don't have much tolerance for it.

I'll be having cheese bun for breakfast all week!


Jeff said...

That looks tasty, Laura.

I don't think I'd like it at breakfast, though. Cheese and breakfast meats don't appeal to me before lunchtime.

I see that Glamoran's has Nanaimo bars. Have you ever tried them? Nancy and I were in Nanaimo a few years ago and got to sample one on a stroll through the town. Loved it. I guestimated the carbs and bolused a few units over the course of an hour and a half, and did pretty well with it.

Laura Williams said...

I've never cared for Nanaimo bars myself, I find them far too sweet. Most everyone else I know loves them though. I'm sure I can hook you up with a recipe, if you'd like.