Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blackberry Metformin

Every so often the pharmacy refills my metformin in it's original bottle, and I am once again reminded that the stuff is, apparently, blackberry flavor. It strikes me as odd every time.

Blackberry is one of my favorite flavors - a splenda blackberry Yogen Fruz is a favorite dessert. So adding a little more blackberry into my life should be a good thing.

Every time, I take out a pill a lick it, just to see. And it doesn't taste like anything. Neutral.

Today, in the interests of science, curiosity and more blackberry-ness, I've undertaken an experiment. I figured it was flavored for people who have to take the pill crushed. All that tasty, tasty blackberry must be on the inside!

So, I had my husband split me a pill, and I prepared to lick the inside....

Please, don't try this at home. There is no blackberry!

It's just bitter, bitter medicine. Bleeck! Luckily the flavor was easily washed away with milk but I don't think I'll try that experiment again!

Has anyone else run into 'blackberry' metformin? And actually tasted the blackberry?


Anonymous said...

I believe it is blackberry scented not flavored

Anonymous said...

The blackberry is to scent your urine - not flavor the pill. Some people have experienced fish scented urine when taking regular metformin

Barry Green said...

I did not know of "BlackBerry" Metformin. I found out about it
today at my pharmacy. I have been receiving "BlackBerry" Metformin, and did not even know it. Yes it does help with the Urine.
I Thought my pharmacist was kidding me.
So that is all I know about the blackberry metformin.