Sunday, July 6, 2008

Diabetic Moments at the Stampede

We went to the Calgary Stampede today - if you've never been or heard of it, it's sort of a combination rodeo/agricultural exhibit/carnival/state fair thing that is a huge deal every summer in Calgary. We all wear jeans and cowboy hats to work for a week, all the store windows are painted with cowboy designs and pancake breakfasts are scattered throughout the city.

If you'd asked me as a child I would probably have said it was my favorite 'holiday' after christmas! It was a lot of fun, though we just didn't have the energy to stay for the free mini concert at the end of the night - Hedley was playing, darn it!

Of course, I had a few diabetes moments. It's "Marathon Sunday" in Calgary today too. On our way to the stampede grounds, we passed the finish line for one of the marathons. I saw a couple of ladies with 'Team Diabetes' t-shirts who had completed the race, which was cool.

At the marketplace, admist the knife displays, three kinds of blenders, this amazingly weird water massage booth, and various sellers of cowboy hats, I found these cooling neckbands filled with some kind of polymer that soaks up water and keeps cool for (apparently) days. I bought one, and wondered if it's the same stuff that's in a Frio Wallet. Not that I have any insulin to keep cold, but it was my first thought.

Finally, after avoiding the fresh squeezed lemonade all day - I love lemonade but it's way too much sugar - we finally noticed a tiny line noting they had 'diabetic lemonade'. This turned out to be water, a fresh squeezed lemon and a packet of splenda. I enjoyed it - but I drink lemon water pretty frequently. It wasn't 'lemonde' to me, because it wasn't sweet (perhaps a couple more packets of splenda..), but I really appreciated that someone was making an effort to provide alternatives for those who can't have sugary drinks. And it was a very tasty lemon water.

Of course, it was an 'off plan' day in part - I don't think i found a single veggie in the grounds, though I'll admit to not looking that hard.. but normally I'll at least try to get veggies and dips if I can find them. I did have some okay beignets for breakfast, and half a really tasty smashed potatoe for lunch/supper. The smashed potatoe place is there every year - it's a regular baked potatoe, but they flatten it with a large wooden mallet before you get your toppings!

I'm soo tired now, so it's time for an early bed.


Leneybeeny said...


I've been following your blog lately, and I really like it! I love lemonade, too, and had a similar experience to yours. Mine was at the Folk Festival in Washington, DC a couple of weeks ago. Broiling weather, everybody drinking delicious-looking fresh lemonade and limeade, and I wanted one soooo badly! Lo and behold, they were selling diet lemonade, and they even gave a choice of sweeteners! I picked Splenda, and it was delicious! The next day I bought Splenda (I try to keep away from it, mostly, but I couldn't resist), and I made another lemonade with 1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon (juice of about 2 lemons), 1 cup water, and 2 envelopes Splenda. It was perfect! A little sweet and a little tart. Unfortunately, it gave me horrible heartburn, so I won't be drinking it again any time soon!


EMR said...

That is great as the diabetic woman completed the marathon so boldly and beautifully.It is good to see others fighting the disease which inspires you to fight better.