Sunday, July 13, 2008

Diabetes is my Leprechaun

Dealing with Leprechauns is deceptively simple, in all the stories: you stare at them and they can't get away, and you end up getting their pot of gold.

For me, keeping good diabetes habits is the same way. I focus on them, integrate them into my life, keeping my eye on the diabetes pot of gold - a future without complications.

Then it seems like I blink and it's all scurrying away. My habits turn into mirror images - snacking on carbs instead of avoiding them, and I wonder if those gold coins are slipping through my fingers.

This is less a frustration rant, and more an acceptance that it's time to reel myself in again, and reach for a plate of cheese instead of a granola bar. Maybe I should cut my cheddar into little circles to remind me why it's so important...


Jeff said...

I go through the same phases, Laura. Lately, there have been a lot more baby carrots and broccoli in my life than cookies and potato chips.

But as long as my sugars are reasonably under control, I try not to beat myself up for enjoying some ice cream once in a while. ;^)

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Emily Kujat said...

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Emily Kujat said...

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Emily Kujat

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Medical Billing Software said...

It is hard to bee on a strict diet and restriction all the time.Therefore a little slide away from the routine is not that bad...cheer up and hold back the reigns again then soon.

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